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So here is how it works :-). You order a product and Paypal sends me an email with your home address and email address. I will then either mail you a CD or email you a link where you can download the CD. If none of this is done in a timely manner please email me at [email protected] and put 'Jon Goode CD' in the subject line. As always thanks for your consideration and support.



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  • "I met Jon Goode, the year Michael Jackson died, probably the day or two before his demeanor was sincere and artistry was honest and clear and that is why I had featured Mr. Goo..."
    Yanatha Desouvre
    just me
  • "Love the travel video, love the music, nice & simple, see you when i get back in the country...... Peace&Godbless EL"
    To My favorite Poet